• You have two options for your in-class project on the Crusades. In addition to your in class project, you must complete the notes for sections 10.3, 10.7-10.8.


    1. Create a recruitment poster by either the Christians or Muslims, asking the followers of their faith to join the cause, and fight in the Crusades. This is to be done on computer paper. You must include:
    • 2 major reasons why people of that faith wanted to join the Crusades
    • two pictures
    • rewards that someone could receive for going.
    • The risks of participating in the Crusades


    1. Newspaper on a sheet of computer paper, create a newspaper explaining:
    • Two major events of the third Crusade
    • an interview of a leader
    • Advice column of someone getting ready to fight or return from the Crusades.
    • One picture
    1. Write a song to outline the major events of the Crusades, and perform this to the class.

    This needs to be 25 sentences long, and include all vocab from Chap. 10.

    You will be graded on your creativity and your ability to include all of the elements needed. Your test for the Crusades will be on 2/16/16.