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     Questions:  Chap. 3-5


    • impassive
    • tremulous
    • affably
    • sidled
    • chagrined
    • blasphemed
    • sheepish
    • furtively

    1. Describe Daniel’s family.

    2. What can you say about the character of Simon the blacksmith so far?

    3. Why are the people confused by the words of Jesus?

    4. Why does Daniel leave in the middle of the night?

    5. Do you agree with Hezron that the Israelites must be patient and not resist the Romans?

    6. How does Daniel’s view differ from this?

    7. Is Daniel wrong to feel as he does?

    8. In Daniel’s second encounter with Jesus this chapter does he understand anymore about Him?

    9. Why do you think he is confused about Him?


    Questions Chap. 6-8

    1. What more does Daniel learn about Jesus in this third encounter?
    2. Daniel wonders about the weak and sick who flock around Jesus. He doesn’t see how these people could fight for the kingdom. What is Daniel’s idea of the Kingdom?
    3. How is Daniel like the sick people?
    4. Why does Joel doubt that Jesus is a true rabbi?
    5. After Joel reads the passage from Enoch, he interprets it to mean that victory and the Kingdom
    are the same thing. What do you think he means by that? Is he right?
    Do you think that passage means that the Jews should fight? Explain your answer.
    6. Do you think Daniel’s wish to avenge the death of his parents is justified? How has this
    emotion shaped his life?
    7. Do you agree with Malthace’s interpretation of the Song of David that he means a real bow?
    8. Why do you think this is a fitting symbol for the three of them?

     Questions: Chap 15-16


    • eluded
    • legation
    • rapt
    • scruples
    • lustrous
    • furtive
    • phalanx

    1. Why do you think Rosh wants the names of the Jews that will be attending the banquet?
    2. Why is Thacia proud of Daniel even as he is in awe of her taking up the Roman’s pack?
    3. In what ways does Thacia presence and attitude help Daniel?
    4. What does Thacia understand about Jesus that Daniel and Josh do not?
    5. Why does Daniel continue to go and hear Jesus?
    6. What is it that he doesn’t understand about him?
    (“His voice struck troubled echoes within him.”)

    Questions: Chap. 21-24


    1. How does Daniel puzzle out his thoughts about Samson’s death? How is it that revenge is not payment “in kind” for Samson’s death? What would be a fitting repayment?
    2. Why is it that when Daniel tells Jesus his vow, Jesus tell him he is not far from the kingdom?
    3. Do you think Thacia will marry another since Daniel is so set in his anger and his oath?
    4. After the reception of Jesus in Jeruselem, why is Daniel disappointed?
    5. Daniel continues to wallow in his anger and hatred. His vow overshadows his life. What is it that keeps him from understanding?
    6. Why was Daniel finally cured of his hatred? How was he cured?
    7. Why does Daniel not chase down Jesus to thank him, but invites the Roman in instead?
    8. Narrate the end passage where Jesus comes and Daniel is healed.
    9. How would you interpret the Psalm passage about the bronze bow now?