Mary Poppins

    Ads for the Program


    As a fundraiser, the Chestnut Ridge Middle School Drama Club is selling advertising space in its program to support the CRMS Drama Club.


    The cost for advertising is as follows:


    FULL PAGE                                                                         $40.00


    HALF PAGE                                                                        $25.00


    QUARTER PAGE                                                               $15.00


    BOOSTER (1 line)                                                                $2.00



    Please print text for ad clearly in the space provided below. You may also attach a business card or graphic for your ad. The book will be produced in black and white; therefore, black and white copy will reproduce the best. You can email electronic copies to rscardino@wtps.org .


    FULL ___                  HALF ___                  QUARTER ___         BOOSTER ___









    Student Contact Name _________________________________________


    Parent/Guardian Contact ________________________________________

    Phone # or Email Contact ________________________________________



    All Ad forms must be returned to Mr. Scardino by April 1st. Make all checks payable to Chestnut Ridge Middle School. For any questions, contact me at rscardino@wtps.org