Math Tools

Math Tools and Resources

  • In math class the students use a variety of tools and resources to support the skills they are learning. Some tools might include the Number Grid, Base-10 Blocks for Place Value, Everyday Day Math Deck and many online games for the computer or ipads. 

    In addition the students have a ConnectEd password to help with the Everyday Math program. Lots of good resources, especially the etoolkit and the games.

    The students also have a password for FIM. This program is used in school to help build the basic fact mastery for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and the students earn virtual stickers as they progress. These stickers are used to dtermine their level of progress and keep the students motivated. Practicing at home is always a good thing!!

    Here are a variety of links for you to use at home for math reinforcement and development.