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A Typical Day in READ 180

  • Students in the READ 180 classroom follow a daily routine that typically includes the following:


    A 20 minute whole group lesson that focuses on reading a variety of texts with emphasis on strategies, close reads, and vocabulary development


    3 small group rotations of 20 minutes each that include:

    Software:  students work on self-selected topics, view videos and related media, answer questions, practice spelling and word recognition and practice writing using text support

    The Reading Corner:  students work on reading self-selected text at an appropriate Lexile level.  Students also complete a daily response to text, take Reading Counts! quizzes and maintain a list of books they would like to read in the future. 

    Small group:  teacher led activities including close reads of text, strategy practice, short response to text, vocabulary development, critical reading and citing evidence from a text.