• Students will be assigned homework from Monday through Thursday.

    Everyday Math

    Everyday Math homework is usually a Homelink that correlates with the lesson taught that day in class. If we are testing that week, students will be asked to practice their Math facts or study their review to prepare for the test.  Ask your child about a game he or she learned that week and try it out at home! Have fun!



    Fundations homework is an important tool for learning the features in each unit in a sequential, multisensory approach. The Fundations progream combines the study of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, handwriting and fluency.

    I will introduce students to a unit. The students will then continue to practice at home using their Fundation homework composition book. Their notebook must be returned to school each day!

    Following is a basic outline for Fundations homework.

         Fundations Homework Schedule:

          Day 1: Read and write the words from the "Refridgerator List" that will be glued into the notebook.

          Day 2: Read all the words on the"Refridgerator List". Write the trick words and review words ( NOT the skills words) three (3) times each.

          Day 3: Read all the words on the "Refridgerator List". Students will use each trick word in a complete sentence. Underline the trick word. Circle the first letter of the sentence with a green crayon ( Capital letter) and circle the punctuation mark at the end of the sentence with a red crayon.

          Day 4- Complete the skills worksheet.