Computer Lab
  • Welcome to our Computer Lab!  

    Here you will find everything your child needs to surf the web safely and efficiently. Here you can find homework help, appropriate places to do research, the students email accounts, and educational games.  I have listed all of the educational games we use during their class time and intervention programs. 

    Every student (1st through 5th grade) who attends Bells Elementary School comes to the computer lab at least once a week.  Lesson plans vary from grade to grade but at one point or another everyone gets to use excellent educational games on the Internet, our typing program (, and Microsoft Suite.  Last year we even had children create their own books, business cards, flyers and some students learned how to use Excel and Powerpoint.  The computer lab is also used to prepare and develop research projects.  Every year we will be expanding our technology education program offerings so that our students will have access to the latest technology educational opportunities. 

    If you want your child to participate in this great program please be sure to return the Acceptable Use Policy  that went home the first week of school.  Without that form your child will not be able to use the computers at the school.  If you no longer have the form please come by the computer lab and I'll be happy to supply you with a copy. There is also a link to download a copy of he Acceptable Use Policy.