• Snack:

    Your child will have the option to eat a snack during choice time. Please pack a SMALL, HEALTHY snack and water. Please pack your child's snack in a zip lock bag. When your child unpacks for the day, he/she will be asked to place their snack in his/her table snack bin and place his/her lunch box in the lunch box bin.



    Students will be eating lunch in our classroom. Please pack a lunch in a lunch box for your child. There will be a lunch aid in the classroom to supervise your child. Please keep in mind that your child will not have the option to heat lunch or put lunch in the refrigerator. I ask that you also help your child learn how to open the containers used to pack their lunch and that you provide any utensils that he/she might need.

    Your child will have the option to buy lunch. Grenloch Terrace does not house a cafeteria. Therefore, lunches will be prepared and sent over from one of the Elementary schools and students will eat lunch in the classroom. To assist in eliminating daily confusion of lunch orders being sent to another elementary school, we will be asking you to fill out a lunch for indicating lunch choices for an entire week. The lunch sheet on the following page will be sent home a week in advance. Please fill out the form and send it to school by Thursday. This form will indicate lunch choices for the FOLLOWING week.

    It is extremely important that these forms be sent back ON TIME to allow for orders to be placed and to ensure that your child receives lunch for the following week.


    Food Allergies:

    If your child is allergic to any types of food, please give me any information and also forward the information to the school nurse.