• Students are required to complete the following homework Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, unless told otherwise.
    1. Read a book (on Lexile level from class) for 15-20 uninterrupted minutes
    2. Students will note the pages read for homework on a reading log
    3. Students have the option to jot down a note or two on the back of the log or on a post-it note to remind themselves about what they read in preparation for conferencing with the teacher for accoutability
    4. Bring the take-home reading binder to class daily, with the completed reading log & book inside
    *If students choose to read a book from home, they must pick a book with a Lexile level between 100 below or 50 above their actual current Lexile level. You may use www.lexile.com or the bookwizard on www.scholastic.com to search the Lexile level of the chosen book. Books from home must first be approved by the teacher to ensure there is a Reading Counts quiz for the book.
    1. Students will also have a spelling log with 5 words to complete each night
    2. During class, students will write down any study words from the Read180 software if they have any. These words will be copied and written 7x each.
    3. If they do not have 5 words from the software or if students have extra space on their chart, students will find additional words from their topic software to fill their chart and copy 7x each.
    Students are required to complete the following homework once a week on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night, unless told otherwise. This will be checked in class every Thursday!
    Students are required to write in their homework journal for 15 uninterrupted minutes (once a week) about a topic of their choosing. Students have the option to use an online software (Write About Captivation Station - teacher code: DC3895) to submit their journaling homework as an alternative to hand writing it.
    *If students are struggling to find a topic to write about, they can reference a writing prompt list located in their take home binder.