• Course Syllabus


    Course Syllabus


    Subject: Advanced Materials and Production Systems

    Instructor: Mr. Repasy

    E-mail: mrepasy@wtps.org

    Course Description

    This course allows the students to further explore the tools and techniques related to the wood working industry. Proper SAFETY procedures, the correct use of hand tools and power equipment, line production techniques and career opportunities are discussed through out the course. Students will construct individual projects as well as a group project.


    Course Outline

    1. SAFETY & Lab layout
    2. Individual safety
    3. Hand tools and power equipment
    4. Lab layout and cleanup
    5. Machine Safety Demonstration Activity
    6. Proper safety procedures
    7. Parts of machine
    8. Proper operation procedures

    III.             Measurement and Layout tool

    1. Hand tools
    2. Types of Joints & fastening procedures
    3. Wood preparation and finishing
    4. Abrasives
    5. Stains
    6. Finishes

    VII.          Types of Wood

    1. Hardwood
    2. Softwood

    VIII.        Project Requirements

    1. Board feet calculations
    2. Bill of materials
    3. Project layout
    4. Individual projects (3-4)
    5. Group project-Production


    Grading Policy

    The grade for each student will be based on the following criteria:

              Classroom Performance*    





    *Your work in class is just as important as the project itself; therefore you will be given a weekly classroom performance grade. The classroom performance grade will consist of the following criteria:

    Willingness to participate, ability to follow classroom rules and procedures, following safety procedures, proper use of equipment, being prepared for class, and following clean-up procedures.                    

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