• Course Syllabus


    Construction Technology I & II


    Instructor: Mr. Michael Repasy

    Email: mrepasy@wtps.org Voicemail: 856.589.6644   ext. 7132


    About the Course

    Construction Technology is full year course that gives students a chance to explore the opportunities in the construction field. Students will learn through lectures, demonstrations, hands-on assignments, design, research and development, problem solving, and the use of construction techniques and principles.  



    I.    Class work Requirements

    1. Utilizing the steps of the design/problem solving process, which includes researching information, design, sketching, drawing, constructing prototypes and models, constructing major group projects, evaluating the results, and presenting solutions to the class.
    2. Each student will be required to listen to lectures, watch programs and presentations, and take notes when needed.
    3. Student will also be required to take periodic quizzes, including a mid-term and final exam.


    II.  Attitude & Behavior

       The student will demonstrate proper behavior as outlined in the student handbook.  In addition to the general school rules, special attention will be paid to safety in the classroom, the ability to follow directions, using listening skills, respect for others and their property, responsibility, and proper work habits.


    III.   Units of Study

    1. Safety & Lab layout
    2. Individual safety, lab safety and classroom conduct (work ethic, passes, etc.).
    3. Lab layout, required materials (Pencil and folder for handouts) and cleanup responsibilities.
    4. Careers in Construction
    5. Designing, Drawing, and Planning Work
    6. Hand and Portable Power Tools
    7. Framing Construction-Walls, Floors, and Roofs
    8. Roofing
    9. Exterior Enclosure Treatments
    10. Shed construction




    IV. Grading Policy

    The grade for each student will be based on the following criteria:

              Classroom Performance*    





    *Your work in class is just as important as the project itself; therefore you will be given a weekly classroom performance grade. The classroom performance grade will consist of the following criteria:

    Willingness to participate, ability to follow classroom rules and procedures, following safety procedures, proper use of equipment, being prepared for class, and following clean-up procedures.


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