How to Find a Just Right book

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    Finding a Book that is…..

    AAAAHHHHH, Just Right!

    The children know about using the "5 Finger Test" to find a book that is just right for them to read. If you would like to help your child at home, here is how the "5 Finger Test" works.....


    1. Find a book that looks interesting to you.

    2. Open to any page and start to read the text.

    3. When you come to a word that you don't know,

    put up one finger.

    4. If you have 5 fingers up before you have reached

           the end of the page, that book is too hard for now.  


    1-2 fingers up
    Just Right
    3-4 fingers up
    a little hard (so read slowly)
    4-5 fingers up
    too hard for now

    If a book is "too hard", your child will not read it and will miss out on reading a really good book that is just right for them. Your child wants to be able to sit back, get comfortable and say....
    Aaahhh...Just Right!