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    Public Schools

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    Dear Parents,                                                                                       September, 2017


                The elementary instrumental music department is implementing a Band and Orchestra Ensemble Readiness Benchmark.  The purpose of this benchmark is designed to measure the student’s readiness to participate in the large group ensembles, which are band and orchestra.  Through their home practice and attendance at their weekly lessons, the students will acquire the necessary skills to pass the benchmark and to participate in the large ensemble, which performs at the spring concert.

                The students will meet twice a week, once in the small group setting for their applied lesson, and then again with the large group with all instruments as a follow up of their applied lesson.  In the large group setting, the students will review lesson materials and begin to learn to perform within an ensemble: band or orchestra.  The students will receive their spring concert music in October, and they will begin to learn the music.  In mid-December the students will be required to individually perform a selected section from one of the concert pieces as their ensemble readiness bench mark.  Students receiving 60% or higher on the benchmark will continue rehearsing with the large group ensemble and perform in the spring concert.  A letter will be sent home with the student notifying you of their success. 

                Students who do not meet the ensemble readiness benchmark may re-take the benchmark at any time.  If your child has not passed the benchmark by mid-January, then a warning letter will be sent home with your child.  If your child has not passed the benchmark by mid-February your child will not be able to perform in the spring concert and a letter will be sent home to notify you. However, you child will continue receiving lessons throughout the remainder of the year.

                To insure your child’s success within the band and orchestra program, it is imperative that your child attend the weekly lessons with their instrument and lesson book, and that they practice their assigned lesson and ensemble music at home.  A little bit of encouragement from you will go a long way!



    Mary Bushong, Band:  Bells, Birches, Thomas Jefferson, Wedgwood, and   Whitman

    Ian Hoblitzell, Orchestra:  Bells, Hurffville, Thomas Jefferson, Wedgwood, and Whitman

    Lisa Sebastiani, Orchestra Birches and Band  Hurffville