• Keyboarding
    Even though keyboarding can be a tough task for students to learn, there are so many ways to make it fun while they are learning at the same time.  Many skills are expected such as home row key knowledge, finger movements, letter locations, keeping eyes on the monitor, and using two hands instead of one finger.  Students will practice their keyboarding skills at the beginning of every class period by using the Typing.com online typing program.  Students are monitored and encouraged to use the proper keyboarding techniques for classroom assignments, and with your help, we hope they continue to do so at home as well.  
    Important Points to Remember While Keyboarding 
    1. Home Row Finger Placement
    2. Eyes on the Monitor
    3. Back Straight
    4. Feet on the Floor
    5. Elbows by Your Side
    6. Wrists Off the Keyboard
    7. HAVE FUN!  
    You can find fun and easy keyboarding websites/games for kids on my draggo site, draggo.com/SMARTucci, under the categories for each grade level that specify 'Keyboarding'.
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