• Grade 7 History Alive!
    The Medieval World and Beyond
    Key Content Terms are words that are especially useful in the Social Studies setting while Academic Vocabulary includes words that will be used across many subjects. 
    Chapter 6: The Byzantine Empire
    Key Content Terms Constantinople, Byzantine Empire, Eastern Orthodox Church, patriarch 
    Academic Vocabulary distinctive, revolt, emerge 
    Chapter 7: The Origins and Spread of Islam 
    Key Content Terms Islam, Muhammad, polytheism, prophet, monotheism, Muslim, boycott, siege 
    Academic Vocabulary prosperous, proclaim, credibility, unification 
    Chapter 8: Learning About World Religions: Islam
    Key Content Terms Qur’an, Sunnah, Five Pillars of Islam, mosque, Ramadan, jihad, shari’ah 
    Academic Terms reveal, edition, identify, distribute, contradict 
    Chapter 9: Muslim Innovations and Adaptations
    Key Content Terms adaptation, innovation, cultural diffusion, philosopher, immortal, evolution 
    Academic Vocabulary diverse, logic, equation, illuminated, intellectual 
    Chapter 10: From the Crusades to New Muslim Empires
    Key Content Terms Crusades, sultan, Holy Land, Inquisition, anti-Semitism, segregation, shah 
    Academic Vocabulary response, cooperation, economic, dramatically 
    Chapter 1: The Legacy of the Roman Empire
    Key Content Terms Roman Empire, empire, corruption, decline, Constantine, mosaic, aqueduct, scribe, proverb, philosophy 
    Academic Vocabulary collapse, conflict, unique, document 
    Chapter 2: The Development of Feudalism in Western Europe 
    Key Content Terms Christianity, Charlemagne, feudalism, fief, serf, chivalry 
    Academic Vocabulary reign, survive, function
    Chapter 3: The Roman Catholic Church in Medieval Europe
    Key Content Terms religion, persecute, Roman Catholic Church, clergy, sacrament, pilgrimage, natural law, religious order 
    Academic Vocabulary widespread, hierarchy, authority, technique
    Chapter 4: Life in Medieval Towns
    Key Content Terms charter, guild, apprentice, common law 
    Academic Vocabulary surplus, resident, dominate, isolate 
    Chapter 5: Decline of Feudalism
    Key Content Terms Magna Carta, habeas corpus, Model Parliament, bubonic plague, Hundred Years’ War, heretic 
    Academic Vocabulary traditional, foundation, democratic, estimate, momentum