• Grade 8 History Alive!
    The United States Through Industrialism
    Key Content Terms are words that are especially useful in the Social Studies setting while Academic Vocabulary includes words that will be used across many subjects. 
    Chapter 5 Towards Independence 
    Key Content Terms militia, tyranny, repeal, boycott 
    Academic Vocabulary violation, retain, restricted, authority 
    Chapter 6 The Declaration of Independence 
    Key Content Terms independence, petition, Common Sense, Declaration of Independence, natural rights 
    Academic Vocabulary debate, impose, policy, fundamental 
    Chapter 7 The American Revolution
    Key Content Terms American Revolution, Continental army, strategy, ally 
    Academic Vocabulary democracy, rebellion, issue, crucial 
    Chapter 8 Creating the Constitution 
    Key Content Terms Articles of Confederation, Northwest Territory, Northwest Ordinance, Constitutional Convention, Enlightenment, republic, constitution, Great Compromise, Three-Fifths Compromise, Electoral College, ratify, The Federalist Papers 
    Academic Vocabulary committed, liberal, framework, contradiction
    Chapter 9 The Constitution: A More Perfect Union 
    Key Content Terms popular sovereignty, legislative branch, executive branch,judicial branch, judicial review, checks and balances, interstate commerce,federalism, majority rule, interest group 
    Academic Vocabulary ingenious, domestic, diverse, discriminate, function 
    Chapter 10 The Bill of Rights
    Key Content Terms Bill of Rights, warrant, double jeopardy, self-incrimination, due process, defendant 
    Academic Vocabulary controversial, guarantee, deprive, compensation 
    Chapter 11 Political Developments in the Early Republic 
    Key Content Terms Whiskey Rebellion, Washington’s Farewell Address, loose construction, strict construction, sedition, nullify, states’ rights theory 
    Academic Vocabulary reluctant, finance, accumulate, eloquent, resolution