• Everyday Math Units


    Unit 1 –count coins, numbers on number lines, skip count, < > =, equivalent names for numbers, odd / even


    Unit 2 – double facts, comb. of 10, use counters for odd / even, say 2 different names for a number, use turn around rule


    Unit 3 – fact families, “What’s my Rule”, strategies to solve subtraction facts, figure out my number – Salute (game), figure out covered number on fact triangle, sove -0, -1 facts


    Unit 4 – tell time, write time, know a.m. & p.m., write a number represented by base-10 blocks, write numbers in expanded form, measure length


    Unit 5 – count coins, make change, solve number stories, add / subtract 10, add / subtract 100, use an open number line


    Unit 6 – show data on picture graph, find difference between 2 #’s in a number story, solve number stories about lengths and heights of animals, solve addition problems and record what I did, use partial sums to add multi-digit numbers


    Unit 7 – play Hit the Target, add 3 or more numbers, measure to nearest in. cm., complete line plot, use personal reference to estimate length, use measuring tools correctly


    Unit 8 – find shapes that have given number of sides & angles, name shapes (triangles, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon), portion rectangle into rows/ columns, find total number of objects in array, write addition number model for an array, solve array number stories


    Unit 9 – divide shapes into equal parts, measure length of objects, write 3-digit number in expanded form, < > = to compare 3-digit numbers, solve 2-digit subtraction problems



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