• AR Book Finder

     The link is at the bottom of this page.


    Below are the directions to create a list of appropriate (just right) books for your child


    Click on : ACCELERATED READER BOOK FINDER button on the right side.

    Click on: ADVANCED SEARCH Tab (2nd one)


            Complete only the following information:

            Interest level       

            ATOS Book Level   -input zpd range from star testing (high and low)


            Under Additional Criteria

            Choose topics,

            Choose subtopic or leave as “ALL subtopics”,

            Choose “fiction” or “nonfiction” or “fiction and nonfiction”

            Choose “English”

             Click GO button


    A list of books fitting the criteria will appear, some lists will be many pages long. Students should then read descriptions of each and click on   ADD to AR BOOK BAG button for each book they are interested in.


    When they have selected several books,

    Click on the AR BOOK BAG button (upper left corner)

    Click the PRINT button


    Viola this will give your child the list of books on their reading and interest level.