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    Unit 6- Vowel-Consonant-e Syllable

    So far, we have worked with digraphs, blends, glued sounds and suffixes.  We have also worked on closed syllables and closed syllable exceptions, as well as words with more than one syllable.  This unit will focus on the vowel-consonant-e syllable.  The students will review the v-e syllable from Level 1 Fundations.  In these types of syllables, there is a vowel, then a consonant and then an e.  The first vowel is long and the e is silent.  The students will be reviewing the long vowel sounds, including the two u sounds in a v-e syllable.  We will also teach that s can say /z/ when it is between two vowels, as in the words nose and rose.  The students will also learn an exception to the v-e syllable.  This exception, -ive, can also be a suffix.  It is pronounced with a short i sound, instead of the excepted long sound, as in give, active and olive.  



    Current Trick Words:

    only                         house                      move

    right        place      together