Go to the website below:
    You need to create a username by clicking on the link below and then clicking the orange "Sign In" button.  You'll create a username and password! This is for YOUR use only.  I do not have access to this! 
    Your username cannot be personal information.  Make sure you write it in your assignment book!!! 
    After you are signed in you'll be prompted to pick a secret code. Then go see your avatar! Once that housekeeping is complete, feel free to explore the site! ENJOY!! 
     The Klutz Book of Brilliantly Ridiculous Inventions by John Cassidy and Brendan Boyle 
    Ask, Imagine, Plan... 
    You will get an email from your child/ TinkerCad today requesting permission to join.  You DO NOT have to pay $.50.  The second 3-5 day option is fine! This is for your child's benefit only! :) ENJOY!! TinkerCad Parental Consent form  You will have to send this. THIS option is FREE!! :)
    5A STEM students need a shoe box with a lid. The sturdier the better!!  Please TRY to have one for 10/31.  It can be later, however.