• Dear Parents,  

    It is our pleasure to announce that we are planning an international trip for any interested students. We will be traveling to Spain in July 2017 with the American Council for International Studies (ACIS). We’ve decided to take on this project because we believe that expanding the walls of our school and providing our students with a global perspective is key to their growth and future success. 

    During our tour, we will visit many of Spain’s famous sights and highlights. In addition to providing the students with this unique opportunity we will focus on the following learning objectives:

    ·         Students will learn of the Spanish Civil War and its lasting consequences.

    ·         Students will experience the works of the great artists of Spain—El Greco, Velázquez, Goya; and learn how they are situated with regard to time, place, and style.

    ·         Students will become familiar with the medieval period of Spanish history when visiting Barcelona's Gothic Quarter.

    We have chosen to travel with ACIS because they’ve been the most trusted name in educational tours for over 35 years and provide the highest quality, safest and most enriching student tours in the industry.

    The opportunity to leave home and learn about the world first-hand is the most important gift given. Your child will stand out on their college application, grow as an individual and be immersed in a culture that they will have learned so much about.

    Warm regards,

    Lexiabel Marioni

    Katy Kelly

    Jolyvette Ramos

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