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    For Spanish, your user names and passwords are the same. Below, Highlight your username. Now press Ctrl and the letter "c" together.  This will copy your username/password.  After you get onto the website by clicking the link above, you will need to enter your user name and password. 

    Directions for logging on:

    1.  Click on login and push Ctrl and the letter "v".  This will velcro or paste your user name in the space. 

    2.  Next click on the space to enter your password.  Again, push Ctrl and the letter "v".  Your password will velcro into the space.

    3.  Click the box that says "remember me".  Now press Login.  



    Username and Password

    whaines18-19ce05           Sydney

    whaines18-19dm08          Gianna

    whaines18-19eg89           John 

    whaines18-19es15           Devon        

    whaines18-19fo97           Olivia D.

    whaines18-19gg83           Gabriella

    whaines18-19hb34          Isabella

    whaines18-19hw87          Drew

    whaines18-19il06            Marlena

    whaines18-19jh83           Melanie

    whaines18-19kd15           Emily

    whaines18-19mc96          Isaac

    whaines18-19mz81          Lyric

    whaines18-19nj70           Luke

    whaines18-19nl67           Andrew

    whaines18-19ow29          Olivia S.

    whaines18-19ph25          Riley

    whaines18-19pp80           Leonardo

    whaines18-19ra75           Michael

    whaines18-19rv59           Nevaeh