• Unit 3

    Ancient Egypt

    Text Chapters 7-12
    In this Unit, students will study:
    1. The geography of Egypt and Canaan
    2. The religious practices of Ancient Egyptians including the building of pyramids and mummification of pharaohs
    3. Daily life in Ancient Egypt
    4. The origins and practices of Judaism
    Students will discuss the geographic elements and technology that allowed for the development of civilization in Egypt despite its location in the desert. They will learn about the early forms of government and their laws, the arts, social life, and religious beliefs of these civilizations.
    Vocab words to know:
    topography            vegetation            pharaoh               treaty
    social pyramid      social class            afterlife               hieroglyph
    peasant                  noble                     status                   slavery
     tradition               foundation           fundamental       Ten Commandments
    Torah                     Israelite               Judaism               covenant
    Exodus                  Diaspora                Passover
    monotheism         polytheism