• Ancient Mesopotamia

    Unit 2



    Text Chapters 4-6 
    In this Unit, students will study:
    1. Mesopotamia - The Fertile Crescent
    2. Sumer and the Rise of Civilization
    3. Akkad, Assyria, and Babylon 
    Students will discuss the technology that allowed for the development of civilizations, characteristics of a civilization They will learn about the early forms of government and their laws, the arts, social life and religious beliefs of these civilizations.
    Vocabulary to know:
    Mesopotamia      Tigris River      Euphrates River      Sumer   
    irrigation             levee                  silt                             city-state   
    civilization           technology        social structure       merchant   
    artisan                  scribe                ziggurat                   culture
    cuneiform            pictograph        empire                     capital
    tribute                  code of laws      economy                  siege