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      Strategic Games Club!





      Connect 4- 1 or 2 players try to drop circles in a row of 4. Make sure to not only try to make a row of 4 for yourself but to block your opponent as well! Click the picture below to play!


    Connect 4


     Square It- 1 or 2 player game where you try to create a square by placing dots on a grid. Be Careful! The person you are playing against also wants to make a square. Choose your spots wisely!

    Square It  

     Rush Hour- HONK!! You are in a red car stuck in a giant pile up. You have the ability to move the cars out of the way. If you move them juuuust right, you might be able to drive out of that mess! The challenge of the game- try to escape in the least amount of moves possible. 

    Rush Hour  

     Laser Maze- BZZZZT! Watch out! In this addicting game, you need to place lasers on a maze so that the beam of light hits all the necessary targets. Be careful, no one needs to get fried by your poorly placed laser! This is a great think before you click kind of game! 


     Solitaire Chess- Now we are really stepping up the strategy! In this fun intro chess game, you are given a chess scenario where you have to move the peices to clear the board. This is a great introduction to real chess! 


     Word-A-Round- Try your best to figure out what word is spelled inside the circle. The point of the game is to see how many words you can get correct in the time given!

    word around
     Hour of Code!- Use this awesome website to practice your coding skills with different challenges!
     Master Mind!- A challenging puzzle game that involves cracking the code that the master built. You have to use the clues that the master gives you in order to find out the master's secret code!
     Scrammed- This game is a test of your planning skills. You need to get as many points as possible by matching numbers and colors strategically.
     Mancala- The game of gems!