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    What are brain breaks?
    Brain breaks are short periods of activity that help get the blood flowing and the oxygen to the brain.  Brain breaks can help students retain information better.  Research shows that having students take a brain break from time to time can help them increase on-task behavior and improve their physical activity each day.  
    Here are some activities you can try with your class or with your children at home:
    In school, Go Noodle improves behavior and attention, increases academic performance, and strengthens classroom cohesion.  Many of the brain breaks include skip counting, money counting, and everyday math skills as well.  At home, it can turn screen time into active time, create great family fun, and make your home a healthier place to be!
    2. Have a Fun Dance Party!
    Put on the latest jams in your classroom or in your home and let your students/children dance their sillies out!  Try this website by clicking here.
    3. Complete Random Acts of Kindness!
    Challenge and encourage the children to display random acts of kindness throughout their day and reflect on how it made them feel about themselves.
    4. Take Advantage of Great Weather!  
    Having children play outdoors is a great form of exercise and it improves their physical and mental development.  It can also promote social skills, improve vision, increase attention span, reduce stress, and provide Vitamin D.  
    5. Try Yoga!  
    Different yoga poses are a great way to revitalize yourself in the middle of the day!  Take a couple minutes of personal time to relax your mind and body with a deep breathing exercise.  'Get Ready to Learn' is a great yoga curriculum designed to optimize classroom performance.  This research-based program assists students with regulation, sensory-motor registration, and sensor integration. 
    Students also enjoy moving with hula hoops, egg shakers, clappers, and bells to music and doing the "Hokey Pokey" to a CD.