School Supplies

Third Grade Supplies!


      • pens – red 

      • highlighters – yellow                    

      • glue sticks  

      • scissors 

      • crayons (no larger than 24 pack) 

      • colored pencils  

      • 1 soft zippered pencil case  

      • pencils (wood preferred) for both home and school 

      • pencil erasers 

      • dry erase markers, DARK COLORS (MUST be low odor) 

      • whiteboard eraser or sock

      • 3x3 Post-it notes 

      • earbuds (labeled in a bag to be left at school) 

      • Three marble notebooks (wide-ruled, 100 pages) 

      • One plastic coated pocket folder (any color)  

      • OPTIONAL: donations of Lysol wipes (no Clorox), tissues, Ziploc bags (gallon, quart, and sandwich), and white board erasers are always welcome and appreciated!  


    Replenish items as needed! :)