Math Clubs

  • Our fabulous math teachers here at Birches, Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Mitchell, offer two math clubs for first graders to join once they have mastered their facts- these are the Rainbow and Doubles Clubs. Students receive a special certificate and get to sign their name on the poster in the hallway for all to see when they make it into the club!

    First is the Rainbow Club- this club means that students know all of the 'friends of 10' or ways to make ten by adding two numbers as seen in the picture to the left. We will practice these facts regularly and once Miss Shatzman and I feel the student is ready we will send him or her to try out! Practicing these facts at home is a great way to help students get into the club!

    Next comes the Doubles Club- in this club students must know all of the doubles addition facts from 0-10. To get the bonus sticker you must also know 11+11 and 12+12! Later in the school year we will be reviewing these facts daily in class, but you can also practice at home to get ready!


    Good luck! :)