Supply List for School

  • Supplies for First Grade
    These are some items that we suggest to use
    for 1st Grade.
     2-4 large size glue sticks (replenish each
    month) No liquid glue please.
     1 marble composition book for Fundations
     1 large zip pouch for desk supplies
     1 box (6-8) low-odor dry erase markers
     1 pair of socks to use as an eraser for white
    boards (clean old sox are fine, any color)
     1 dozen yellow #2 pencils (sharpened)

     1 pack of crayons (no more than a 24 pack)
     small scissors (blunt nose)

    *Ear buds or headphones to keep in desk ( We will use ipads occasionally in class)

    *Do not send in markers, color pencils, or
    mechanical pencils.
    *Please label all items with your child’s