• Lessons


    Each student, as a member of th BHMS music program, will receive one group lesson per week. Each group will be determined by your child's instrument, grade level and will generally include 4 other students. Your child will receieve a lesson schedule at the beginning of the mnonth and they will report for their lesson on their given day. Lessons will be rotated through class periods so that our child will only miss a particular class approximately once a month. 


    Students are to attend lessons each week and will receive an attendance grade for their participation in lesson. The only reason a child will be excused from lesson is for the following:

    1. They have below a 78% in the class.

    2. The classwork cannot be made up, such as a lab or report.

    3. Excessive absences from class (3 or more).


    In each case, the student should get a "lesson excuse form" from the orchestra room and have the teacher sign the form and hand it in to me. If no "lesson excuse forms" are available, the student may get a written note from the teacher.