• Welcome to 5th Grade Reading!




    The best way to become a better reader is to READ, READ, READ! With this in mind, reading homework is to read daily, Monday-Friday. We will begin with a minimum of 20 minutes daily and increase it throughout the year as we build stamina. Here are some tips that you and your kids may find helpful:

    1. Set a timer. When the buzzer rings, challenge yourself to read 5 minutes more. Can you do 5 minutes more after that? And 5 minutes more after that?

    2. Read with your child or as a family.

    3. Have a designated quite space where you read each day.

    4. Set aside a specific time each day and read at that same time.

    5. Wake up early to read if you have a very busy afternoon.

    6. Have fun and make sure you’re into the book you have! If not, ask your me for help choosing a better book!


    Students will record their reading on logs that will be provided weekly. 



    Vocabulary quizzes will be given every other week, alternating with spelling quizzes. The quizzes will be fill-in-the-blank, which promotes understanding rather than recognition. Quizzes will feature a word bank containing the 6 new words that week and 4 words from the week before. Students are encouraged to use flashcards to study. Quizlet is a great, free site that allows you to create digital flashcards and many students have found success in using it as a study tool.



    District Grade Breakdown

              Unit/Genre/Book Tests          40%

              Quizzes                                    30%                                        

              Classwork/Participation          20%

              Home Reading Log                  10%