Home Assignments    

    Home Assignments can be found in the spiral bound homework book.  Students will copy homework in their classes each day.

    • Check HW book DAILY.
    • Avoid writing notes for teachers in this book.
    • Students are encouraged to copy neatly and accurately.
    • All upcoming test dates will be found in this book. 



    ELA ( English Language Arts): 

    Students will be required to read a MINIMUM of 20 minutes 4 nights per week (Sunday to Sunday).  The 4 nights are not set days.  Adjust accordingly to your schedule.  Reading daily is beneficial!  

    Students will be asked to write a weekly reflection based on what they are currently reading.  This will start in January and will be a graded assignment.

    Students will bring classroom library books home to read as well as school library books.  Please visit the Margaret Heggan Library as well.  There are many great resources available!

    There will occasionally assignments given to reinforce our reading program:  Wit and Wisdom.

    Spelling - Students will be required to study their Unit words and complete Spelling City assignments.


    Home Links will be assigned most nights or a skill page or math journal page.