Home Assignments    

    Home Assignments can be found in the spiral bound homework book.  Students will copy homework at the end of the day, along with school reminders.  

    • Check HW book DAILY.
    • Avoid writing notes for Mrs. Rodrigo or Mrs. Stewart in this book, as it is not opened until the END of the day.
    • Students are encouraged to copy neatly and accurately.
    • All upcoming test dates will be found in this book. 

    Reading Homework:

    Students will choose an book from our classroom library.  This book will be on their INDEPENDENT reading level.  They will choose on a Friday and will have until the following Friday to read the book.  They will take an Accelerated Reading quiz.  This quiz grade will be recorded and used as part of their Reading grade.


    There will be a worksheet or writing assignment most nights. A study guide will be provided at the start of each Unit.  Please spend 10 minutes a night reviewing words.  We practice writing and spelling our words on white boards.  A white board can be sent home to be used for this year upon request.


    There may a grammar or writing assignment from time to time.


    Home Links will be assigned most nights or a skill page or math journal page.  We encourage students to access the First in Math website to practice math facts and skills.  There will be math fact quizzes every two weeks or so.  

    Science/Social Studies:

    Science will be taught 2nd and 4th Marking Periods; Social Studies will be taught 1st and 3rd Marking Periods

    Study guides will be provided at the beginning of every Unit.  We encourage students to read through their guide each night.  As the test date gets closer, we encourage parents to find ways to help quiz their child in order to be prepared for the assessment.