• Study of our Ancestors

    Task Statement




    For centuries humans have migrated across the world. Their movements affect the culture of countries across the world including foods, religions, art, dance, music, and governments. When people of different cultures move into new lands, they bring change. Some countries accept change, others feel threatened by it.


    In social studies we look at the past, where people came from, where they travelled to, and how their migration changed the world for better or worse. Many people believe that by studying the past we can make wiser decisions in the present and prevent change for the worse in the future.


    As we learn about social scientists, their jobs, and the early people they studied, your task will be to interview family members and discover how their past affects your present life. You will use information collected through interviews to create a family tree that shows several generations of the people you call family, where they came from, and traditions they hold.  Your family tree may be in digital or paper format, but no money should be spent on this project. The goal is to highlight some effects that our family ancestors have had on our cultures today rather than to create a detailed, accurate family tree.  You will be graded using the attached rubric.


    Essential Questions:

    You should be able to answer the following questions at the end of the unit.


    • Who are social scientists and what do they do?
    • How do social scientist learn about the past?
    • Why do people migrate? 
    • How does migration affect the world?


    Study of Our Ancestors  Rubric







    Family Tree

    ¨  3 or less generations of family (including self)

    ¨  Information presented, but not in tree format

    ¨  Includes 3 generations of family (including self)

    ¨  May or may not include place of birth for family members

    ¨  Has a tree format but contains errors in organization

    ¨  At least 4 generations of family (including self)

    ¨  Birth place for as many members as possible

    ¨  Clearly organized in a tree format

    ¨  all of Practitioner


    ¨  adds decorative elements to the tree










    Questions reflect at least 2 of the following topics social scientists would include

    ¨  Date of birth

    ¨  Place of birth

    ¨  Cultural ancestry              OR

    Responses to questions lack detail

    Questions reflect at least 2 of the following topics social scientists would include

    ¨  Date of birth

    ¨  Place of birth

    ¨  Cultural ancestry

    Questions reflect all of the following topics social scientists would research

    ¨  Date of birth

    ¨  Place of birth

    ¨  Cultural ancestry

    ¨  all of Practitioner


    ¨  asks for additional information to support a written product


    ¨  Answers the question of whether or not the family migrated in one sentence.

    ¨  Explains why the family tree shows migration in 2-3 sentences.

    ¨  Minimal details included to support response

    ¨  Explains in one paragraph why or the family tree shows migration of families or not.

    ¨  Includes results of Super Taster Activity in explanation

    ¨  All of the Practitioner


    ¨  Develops a hypothesis about future generations of the family and the possibility of/need for migration


    Activity List

    Map Activity 

     Vocab Powerpoint

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