A = 93-100Grading

    B = 85-92

    C = 77-84

    D = 70-76

    F = Below 70


    Homework is graded for completion. All students begin with a 100 in homework for ELA and Math.  Points are deducted for incomplete or missing work. September through December 5 points will be deducted for each incomplete or missing assignment.  January through June, 10 points.


    We have an extensive chart, created and provided by the district and administration, as what to grade and how.


    Here is the breakdown of some suggested items and which category to put them in:

    Please note that assignments can be put in categories based on teacher discretion or district suggestion.


    Summative - 40% = items such as, Unit Tests, Writing Pieces/Essays, projects...


    Formative - 30% = items such as, Quizzes, On-Demand Writing (everyday response to reading), Open-Ended Questions, Progress monitoring assignments...


    Supportive - 20% = items such as, Class work, participation, IDR habits, Spelling tests additional practice assignments...


    Supplementary - 10% = items such as Homework