• Fundations Homework

     With each new unit a work list will be sent home. Please store the word list in the back of your child’s yellow take home folder. You will need this list for daily homework assignments. Fundations units can be anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks long so please check the dates on your child’s word lists before throwing them away.

    ·         Monday (Day 1): Write trick words, skill words and a sentence. Day 1 Example
    ·         Tuesday (Day 2): Write trick words 5 times each. Day 2 Example
    ·         Wednesday (Day 3): Write 3 sentences using trick words and skill words and mark sentences with red, green and blue crayons. Day 3 Example

    ·         Thursday (Day 4): Different review worksheets to practice the unit skills.

    *The Monday before a Unit Test a study guide will be sent home for you to complete with your child. The study guide reviews all of the words and skills taught in the unit.*
    Fundations Word Lists:


    Math Homework

    Math homework is assigned Monday-Thursday. Homework is a worksheet that will review the skills taught in class.

    Prior to a Unit Test a study guide will come for you to review with your child. Please be sure to go over the study guide to prepare your child for the next day's assesment.  


    Guided Reading Book Bags

    Book bags will be sent home during the week. Please read the book with your child and use the enclosed papers as a guide to ask them questions about their book. 

    We use these books during our lessons in class each day so it is VERY important that all guided reading books are sent back to EVERY DAY!

    The Weekly Reading Log will be stored in your child's yellow take home folder. Please be sure to read with them AT LEAST 4 times a week and complete and return the log every Monday Morning.