• Character Flocabulary                                            (reference about character traits)

    Character Prezi                                                      (Prezi about types of characters)

    Prezi about conflicts                                               (Prezi about conflicts)

    Literary Terms Part 2                                              (PowerPoint for reference of defintions and examples)

    What is a character?                                               (Definition for reference of character)

    Time Machine Traits                                                (only complete the 10 character traits for Weena-DO NOT do the bonus section-complete in word or paint)

    Indirect and Direct Characterization                          (complete in paint or word and save)        

    Character Types                                                      (complete worksheet as is and save)

    Internal and External Conflict                                   (complete in paint or word and save) 



    DO NOT SHARE OR SEND ANY FILES TO ME-we will check and review on Tuesday!



    Do Now 10/12                                    Do Now 10/12