Dear Parents,

    Something is happening in the ELEMEnTS Classroom.  We are now beginning our Genius Hour unit which will provide your child with the opportunity to research a topic that he/she is passionate about.  He/she will be engaging in a project in which he/she will explore a topic of his/her own choosing based upon his/her own interests.  This project will last several weeks.  Your child will also select how he/she plans to share what he/she has learned.

    Why is Genius Hour important?

    The number one reason Genius Hour is important is because your child will take ownership in her/her own learning. This research project is intended to spark curiosity, and encourage lifelong learning, imagination, perseverance, self-awareness, and adaptability.  It is also intended to provide a sense of purpose for learning.  

    How will Genius Hour work in the classroom?

    Your child will first choose a topic of his/her interest. After that, your child will formulate a “fat” question that will guide his/her research. Once I have approved your child’s topic, he/she will then be given time in the ELEMEnTS classroom to work on the project. When the project is complete, your child will be asked to present his/her learning to the class in a format of your child’s choice.  

    How can you help out?

    There are many ways you can help. Your child will need a notebook of their choice in which to document what they have learned through the research, the sources they have used, and any notes they need to keep along the way. Once your child chooses a topic, he/she may need help expanding his/her thinking to help formulate new ideas. Discussing your child’s ideas, and providing some guidance as to where to find useful information will be important. And, you may be an expert in the area of the topic your child chose.  If this is the case, perhaps you could offer him/her some expertise and knowledge.  

    I am excited and pleased to offer this learning opportunity to your child, and look forward to this new adventure.  If you have any questions about Genius Hour, please feel free to contact me.