• Matter:  Anything that takes up space and has mass

    Mass: The amount of matter in an object 

    States of matter- matter can be classified by its state: solids, liquids and gases

    Solids – matter that has its own shape

    Liquids – matter that takes the shape of its container

    Gases- matter that spreads to fill a space

    Dissolve- to move particles of a solid througout a liquid to form a solution

    Evaporate- to change from a liquid to a gas

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    property – a property is something about an object that you can observe with your senses.

    hardness- a measure of how resistant a material is to scratching, bending, or denting.

    magnetism – a force between magnets and objects magnets attract.

    electrical conductivity - a measure of how well electricity can move through a material.

    electrical conductor - a material through which electrical energy can flow easily.

    electrical insulator – a material that slows or stops the flow of electricity.

    thermal energy- the energy of heat.

    thermal conductor – a material that heats up quickly.

    thermal insulator – a material that hears up slowly.

    solution – a mixture of matter dissolved in a liquid.

    solubility – the ability of matter to dissolve in a liquid.


    melting point –  at its melting point, frozen water will change into a liquid. The melting point of water is warmer than 0° C or 32° F.

    boiling point – At its boiling point, water begins to change from a liquid to a gas. The boiling point of water is 100° C or 212°F.

    physical changes – a change in the state of matter in which the material is still the same type of material with the same properties as the original. 

    conservation of matter – a principal that states that the amount of matter does not increase or decrease after a reaction or change of state

    condensation- the change from a gas to a liquid

    condense – means to change from a gas to a liquid

    mixture-- two or more kinds of matter put together

    chemical change-a change in the state of matter in which the material becomes a different material with different properties than the original.

    chemical reaction- the process by which a chemical change occurs