Charles Benchmark







    Practice Story Extension -- Read each of the following stories:


    Celia and the White Wolf


    Rachel and Mad Henry















    You can also listen to them in Microsoft Word if you have headphones.

    Choose ONE story to finish.

    When you get to the climax of the story, use the NARRATIVE techniques and Plot Diagram we've discussed to create YOUR OWN ending to the story.

    Remember to include CLIMAX, FALLING ACTION, and RESOLUTION. Use one of the Graphic Organizers below. (I will give you copies of these if you'd prefer to hand write them).


    Haunted House Organizer 

    Plot Structure Diagram  


     haunted house go Plot Structure








    You can review the notes by watching the videos assigned in edpuzzle:



    or by reading these note sheets:


    Plot Diagram with notes


    Character and Setting notes


    Watch the flocabulary video and complete the required exercises in the Five Elements of a Story