IRB MP4 Project:

    Use the planning sheet below to plan your project. I've included a sample based on Jack and the Beanstalk. Once you've planned (and make sure you plan because I will be grading the planning sheets as well as the actual projects), choose which type of project you'd like to create.


    IRB MP4 Project PLANNING


    MP4 IRB Example: Jack and the Beanstalk



      If you choose the COMIX, you'll need NINE slides: three for each aspect of the project (three for each character and three for the setting). The middle slide will be dedicated to your writing about the topic: see my example based on my Planning Sheet.


    Make Beliefs Comix


    Jack: Brave and Kind




     If you choose the BookSnap, you'll need THREE snaps: one for each aspect of the requirements (one for each character and one for the setting). You'll have to get creative about your words. See that I've included some in the star bubble.


     PicMonkey link


     BookSnap Sample





     If you choose the PowerPoint, you'll need SEVEN slides. One for your Title Slide and two for each of the required parts of the project (two for each character and two for the setting). The first slide for each new part will be an intro to that character or setting. On this slide is where you'll type your words about the character or setting. The second slide will be where you include quotes from the book, the pages, and any art you want to include.


    MP4 IRB Jack and the Beanstalk PPT









    Thank You Ma'am Short Film








     Online Story Books