BHMS Girls Basketball



    $1,575 Raised   

    3rd Annual Bulldogs Beat Down Leukemia Game 

    BHMS Girls Team v BHMS Teachers

    2020 Bulldogs Beat Down Leukemia   

    Next Week - Pizza Party Monday 3:00

    Bring your game shirt to turn in 

    Great Season!


    2020 Middle School Girls Game Schedule 


    Friday                            1/3/2020                                OVMS @ BHMS                                                            

    Friday                            1/10/2020                              BHMS @ CRMS                                                    

    Friday                            1/17/2020                              BHMS @ OVMS                                                            

    Friday                            1/24/2020                                OVMS @ CRMS                                                    

    Friday                            1/31/2020                               CRMS @ BHMS                                                    

    Friday                            2/7/2020                                  CRMS @ OVMS                                                    

    Friday                            2/21/2020                              OVMS @ BHMS                                                   

    Friday                            2/28/2020                              BHMS @ CRMS                                                    

    Friday                             3/6/2020                                 CRMS @ OVMS           

    Wednesday                  3/4/2020                      BHMS V BHMS TEACHERS

                                             3:00                                       Charity Game

    There will be 2 40 minute games.  The A game will begin at 3:45.  The B game will start immediately after the A game ends. All players are expected to stay on the bench for both games.

      BHMS Girls' Basketball Information 



    Bulldogs Beat Down Leukemia

    BHMS Girls Basketball Team v Faculty...Video