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    Unit 4 - Opinion Writing
    Purpose - the writer shares their opinion on a specific topic
    Requirements - opinion stated in the topic sentence, reasons/facts supported by concrete details, linking words and phrases used to link ideas, and a concluding statement representing the information provided.
    Unit 6 - Research Writing
    Purpose - informational/explanatory writing resulting from the investigation of a topic using print and digital sources
    Requirements - research material on a given topic, using headlines to guide and focus the research, summarize or paraphrase information, and list sources; use research to state a topic clearly in a topic sentence, give a general observation and focus, format with headings/illustrations/multimedia, provide supporting facts/definitions/details/quotations/examples, use linking words and phrases with precise language and domain-specific vocabulary, and a concluding statement for the informative/explanatory writing.
    These are some helpful websites to use when researching a topic:
    Trueflix: visit the Wedgwood library webpage
                username: wwood            password: trueflix
    Britannica: visit the Wedgwood library webpage
                username: wtps            password: wtps