• ON HOLD Seed Dispersal-

    How does nature spread or disperse seeds?

    Use the following two videos and two articles for background information.

    flying seeds

    shooting & burrowing seeds

    READ- Planet of the plants 

    READ- Endlessly Adaptable


    Challenge: Use the materials provided to BUILD a seed dispersal system.  How would you and your group design yours?

    Ask? What is the challenge?

    IMAGINE? What are your possible choices with the materials provided?

    PLAN? Draw a model of your seed


    IMPROVE:  TEST it!! How can you test it?  How can you make it better? 

    COMMUNICATE: What changes did you need to make?  What did classmates think?  Did you solve the problem? Did the seed do what you intended??


    WATCH:  What is CO2 ?


    #47 Wrap It Up! Page 59


    Wrap It Up!            Page 59                   Entry #___

    1. Define: What is hydroponics?


    1. COMPARE and CONTRAST: Compare the way plants grown in soil and plants grown by hydroponics get the things they need. Include sunlight, air, water, and mineral nutrients.  Use the table below.  HIGH LIGHT SIMILARITIES.














    Mineral Nutrients








    1. Apply: As the world population increases, there may be less land available to grow food.   How can hydroponics help solve this problem?  Plan here:


    Paragraph 1: What is the problem?

    ·       What is 1 solution?

    ·       Define the solution.

    Paragraph 2: Explain how the solution will help the problem. 

    ·       Give 1 GOOD reason why this will work. 

    ·       EXPLAIN using evidence from the text and personal opinion.

    Paragraph 3:

    ·       Closing- restate

    ·       Tell why it would work

    ·       Wrap it up and summarize



    Then write 3 paragraphs. Draft in your ISN and you may type in Word!


    Mrs. Alcavage's Tower Garden Page

    #46 Wrap It Up! Page 55

    Wrap It Up!                                        Page 55                                Entry #____

    1. RECALL:   Where does most of the material in a plant come from?


    1. DESCRIBE: Where do plants get mineral nutrients?



    1. ANALYZE: Sometimes people call fertilizers “plant food.” Is this an accurate way to describe mineral nutrients? HINT: Do mineral nutrients provide plants with energy?



    Wrap It Up!                        Page 53                                entry #___

    1. EXPLAIN: What happens during the process of photosynthesis?



    1. IDENTIFY: What substance allows plants to capture the sun’s energy?



    1. SUMMARIZE: What two materials are used in photosynthesis? From where does each come?



    Wrap It Up!          Page 51                  Date:           Entry #

    Directions: RESTATE THE QUESTIONS for each answer and use complete sentences in your ISN.


    1. Recall: What are three main things that plants need to survive?


    1. IDENTIFY: What source of energy do plants use to make food?


    1. SUMMARIZE: How does an orchid in the rain forest get what it needs to survive?


    #43 Look at the picture on page 48-49 of your text book.  

    Study the picture. Ask a question and then make a claim about what you see.


    #42 KWHL- Do the K, W, and H for Life Science


    #41 Doug at Mystery Science talks about leaves changing colors.  

    Make a claim based on the question.


    #40 Snowflakes

    Mystery Science

    Mystery Science Snowflake


    #39 Directions for "Write an opinion paper" (You should have brainstorming/ draft for this in your ISN) 

    Write an opinion paper:

    How do I do that?

    • Opinion pieces state an opinion and state facts in an organized way
    • Reasons, evidences and personal experience/ values support opinion
    • The writer cares about the topic and attempts to persuade the reader
    • The writer generally concludes by emphasizing opinion

    Possible idea: Are today's ships truly safer than Titanic?

    Turn and talk to your group. Narrow down idea for opinion piece. TG page 20.

    Other ideas:

    • Ships today are safer than the Titanic.
    • Ships today are NOT safer than the Titanic.
    • The Titanic should have used all 64 life boats.
    • The builders of the Titanic should have used steel rivets.
    • The artifacts from the sinking of the Titanic should be retrieved.
    • The artifacts from the sinking of the Titanic should not be retrieved.


    Just like in your investigations, you will make a claim. (Just like one of the above statements, provide evidence, and provide your reasoning [conclusion])

    #38 The Sinking of the Titanic Ladders Book Discussion question. 

    #37 12/7/17 Titanic’s artifacts         by Barbara Keeler

    READ TO FIND OUT different people’s ideas about salvaging.

    CHECK IN: What do you think should be done with the artifacts from Titanic? Use statements from BALLARD and RMS Titanic, Inc. to support your opinion. (Write your thoughts here)


     #36 Draw a picture of something interesting, fascinating, new, or cool that you learned from Building the Titanic.

    Nat Geo LIVE Titanic


    Quick Write:

    • What did the artifacts look like after being underwater for so long? How did their physical properties change?
    • What are some other questions you have about salvaging Titanic’s artifacts?





    #35 12/5/17

    "Alvin" by Judy Elgin Jensen

    READ TO FIND OUT how science and technology found the Titanic.

    CHECK IN: What were some problems that had to be solved before it was possible to find the Titanic? (Write your thoughts here.)



    Quick WRITE:

    In what ways were science and technology important in finding Titanic?

    What did you find most interesting about Alvin the submersible?


    # 34 11/30/17

    The Night the Titanic Sank           Quick Write- Use “Evidence and Elaboration” STEMS

    • What changes could have made Titanic safer?
    • What do you still wonder about the sinking of the Titanic?

    #33 11/29/17

    Building the Titanic- Quick Write- Use “Evidence and Elaboration” STEMS

    • Why are the physical properties of Titanic’s materials important?
    • What are some strengths and weaknesses of the different materials used to build the Titanic?
    • What questions do you still have about the structure of Titanic?


    Entry #32

    Wrap It Up!            Page 43            Entry #              Date

    • Describe: What did you observe when you added the tablet to the water?


    • INFER: What evidence shows that a new substance formed?


    Entry #31 11-22-17

    Wrap It Up!              Page 41                     Entry #_____                  Date:

    REMEMBER!! Always answer in complete sentences and use evidence and elaboration stems as often as you can unless you are asked to “LIST” or “BULLET”.

    1. Identify: LIST five signs a chemical reaction has occurred.



    1. APPLY: Identify some chemical reactions that you observe regularly at home. (some means more than 1 and you should have multiple sentences)


    Entry #30 = Bill Nye DIY science 

    #28- Think like a scientist:Provide Evidence fom TEXT.  See edModo


    Wrap It Up!                        Page 39                Date:                     Entry # 29

    1. Restate: What is a chemical reaction?

    A chemical reaction is ________________________________________________________________



    1. Compare & Contrast: How is a chemical change different from a physical change? How is it the same?

    Chemical change              Physical change






    *** Students have a Venn Diagram in their ISNs