• Readworks:

    1. Go to www.readworks.org/student
    2. Enter class code PDRCYE (you can push Ctrl and “c” together to copy this. Then Ctrl and “v” to paste it)   

                       Mrs. Garten’s Class Code : 3A4VYM

    1. Click on your name and enter the password: 1234
    2. Click on the assignment 
    3. Read the article carefully. When finished, look at the top of the screen.  Click on Vocabulary.  Read through the page of important vocabulary words.  You will have to click on each vocabulary word to learn about each.
    4. Click on Questions at the top of the page.
    5. Carefully answer each question. You may go back to the article to reread if necessary.  (It’s a GREAT idea and strategy to go back in the text to find the answers.)

    For the open-ended questions, type your answer in the box.  Be sure to include the evidence found in the text. 

    *Be sure to start your sentences with awesome evidence stems such as:

              “The author wrote…:  The shows that…”

    “Based on what I read, …; This proves that …”

    “In the text it states…; This is important because…”