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    Wit and Wisdom

    • WIT & WISDOM is our current reading program, which uses authentic and high quality text for enable students to learn, and eventually master, essential reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, and vocabulary. Students read books they love, to build knowledge of important topics and master literacy skills. There are 4 modules.

      Module 1: A Great Heart

      In this first module, A Great Heart, we will examine the complexity of the human heart. Not only is the heart a biological wonder, it is also a symbol of human emotions. We will explore what it means to have a “great heart,” both literally and figuratively.

      OUR CLASS WILL READ THESE BOOKS: Novel ƒ Love That Dog, Sharon Creech Poems ƒ “The Red Wheelbarrow,” William Carlos Williams ƒ “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,” Robert Frost ƒ “The Pasture,” Robert Frost ƒ “Love That Boy,” Walter Dean Myers ƒ “dog,” Valerie Worth ƒ “Heart to Heart,” Rita Dove Picture Book ƒ The Circulatory Story, Mary K. Corcoran 172

      OUR CLASS WILL EXAMINE THIS PAINTING: ƒ The Clinic of Dr. Gross, Thomas Eakins

      OUR CLASS WILL WATCH THIS VIDEO: ƒ “Exploring the Heart: The Circulatory System”

      OUR CLASS WILL ASK THESE QUESTIONS: ƒ How does someone show a great heart, figuratively? ƒ What is a great heart, literally? ƒ How do the characters in Love That Dog show characteristics of great heart? ƒ What does it mean to have a great heart, literally and figuratively?

      QUESTIONS TO ASK AT HOME: Revise: As your fourth grade student reads, ask: ƒ What do you notice and wonder? 


      Module 2: Extreme Settings 

      In this second module, Extreme Settings, we will examine how people react to extreme environments. Students will analyze what makes landscapes like mountains challenging. We will ask the question: How do humans survive against the odds? 

      OUR CLASS WILL READ THESE BOOKS AND STORIES: Novel ƒ Hatchet, Gary Paulsen Short Story ƒ “All Summer in a Day,” Ray Bradbury Scientific Account ƒ Mountains, Seymour Simon ƒ SAS Survival Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Anywhere, John “Lofty” Wiseman Poems ƒ “Dust of Snow,” Robert Frost ƒ “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,” Robert Frost OUR CLASS WILL EXAMINE IMAGES OF THIS ARCHITECTURE: ƒ Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright

       OUR CLASS WILL ASK THESE QUESTIONS: ƒ How does the setting affect the characters or speakers in the text? ƒ What makes a mountainous environment extreme? ƒ How does setting influence character and plot development? ƒ How does a challenging setting or physical environment change a person?

      QUESTIONS TO ASK AT HOME: As your fourth-grade student reads, ask: ƒ What’s happening? ƒ What does a closer look at words and illustrations reveal about this text’s deeper meaning?

      Module 3: The Redcoats Are Coming! 


      Module 4: Myth Making