• # 60Wrap It Up!                           Page 87                   “Plants Invade”    Entry #_____                        Date:_________

    Remember to answer in complete sentences using your stems whenever possible and restating the questions ALWAYS!!

    1. DEFINE: What is an invasive species?


    1. Infer: How might daily life in the South be affected by the growth of kudzu?





    1. Infer: What could happen if you planted an invasive plant near your home?


    # 61Wrap It Up!           Page 91                  “Animals Invade”  Entry # _____                       Date: _________________

    1. Recall: What is an invasive species?


    1. Cause and Effect: How do phorid flies affect the behavior of red fire ants. How does this affect the imported fire ant population?



    1. Evaluate: Are phorid flies an invasive species? EXPLAIN.



    #59 Directions and draft for model

    #58 Wrap it Up Page 83

    #57  Wrap It Up Page 81

    Wrap It up!         Page 79                Date:                     Entry #

    1. Define: What is an ecosystem?


    1. Infer: What are some of the nonliving things you can observe or infer in this photo of a tallgrass prairie?



    1. Explain: How do physical characteristics of an environment help support the organisms that live there?



    Wrap It Up!  Page 77                  Date:           Entry #____

    1. Describe: What is the role of decomposers in the nitrogen cycle?


    1. EXPLAIN: Why is the carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle important to plants and animals.




    1. SEQUENCE: The following organisms are part of the nitrogen cycle: microscopic decomposers, plant, & rabbit. DRAW and color a diagram with arrows (this is called a flow chart) that puts the organisms in the correct order. Begin with the nitrogen in the soil.


    #55 2-6-18

    Wrap It Up! Page 75                  Date:           Entry #

    REMEMBER!! COMPLETE sentences restating the question using evidence and elaboration stems!!

    1. Name: What are two kinds of decomposers?


    1. EXPLAIN: How do decomposers get energy?




    1. CAUSE & EFFECT: Suppose there were no decomposers in the soil. How might this affect plants growing in the area?


    #54 Draw a CHAIN

    DRAW a Web


    THEN DO:  Wrap It Up!                        Page 73                                Date:                     Entry #

    REMEMBER!  Always use complete sentences restating the question.  Also, use evidence and elaboration stems as much as possible and when it is appropriate.

    1. Explain: How does energy flow through a food chain?


    1. Contrast: How is a food web different from a food chain?



    1. Infer: Suppose a disease kills most of the hawks in part of the desert. How might the loss of the hawks affect the other animals?

    #53 Draft of partner research: food chain in a particular envrionment from PP 70-71

    #52 DRAFT for Edmodo Assigment from PP. 68-69


    Wrap It Up!        Page 67                Entry #____       Date:

    RESTATE the question and use evidence and elaboration STEMS!

    1. Define: What is a food chain?


    1. Compare: How do producers and consumers each obtain the energy they need to live and grow?



    1. ANALYZE: Could producers live without consumers? Could consumers live without producers?  EXPLAIN!!!