• Tchoukball Study Guide


    Score points

    • A point is scored if the ball rebounding from a frame touches the field of player before a defender catches it
    • A defender drops the rebound
    • Offensive player touches a ball rebounded off of the frame


    Restart of play

    • If a point is scored, the restart is next to the frame that was scored on
    • If a fault, the offensive team touches the floor with the ball at the point of the fault and play resumes


    Faults (Other team is rewarded the ball)

    • Takes more than three steps
    • Holds the ball for more than three seconds
    • Drops the ball
    • Obstructs the movement of an opponent
    • Makes contact with the forbidden zone before the ball is thrown
    • The ball cannot be passed back to the same person
    • If a point is scored the ball must travel beyond the midline before a shoot is taken
    • Ball touches a player’s leg (below knees)
    • Goes out of bounds
    • Shoots on a frame which three consecutive shots were taken