• Digital Literacy 7


    My name is Mrs. Bodine and I am your child’s Digital Literacy 7 teacher for this marking period.  I look forward to teaching your child our Digital Literacy curriculum consisting of four units of study.  They are: Using Digital Tools for Investing, Digital Citizenship, Programming, and Technology Related Careers/Building a Career Portfolio.

    In Digital Literacy 7 each new Digital Literacy Unit is introduced within Unified Classroom.  We use our computers, both laptop (at home) and desktop (in class) to visit various websites for our activities on each topic.  The resource applications we will be using include Newsela, Core.org, Khan Academy, Flocabulary, TedEd, Learning.com, BrainPOP, and other online applications.

    All Digital Literacy7 assignments are introduced and demonstrated during class, and then the students are given plenty of time in class to complete and upload the assignment for grading.  Work that is not completed in class by the due date will become homework needing completion.  Office 365, Unified Classroom and all the Internet Apps can all be accessed from home using the district issued laptop to complete and upload work for grading. Your child can also utilize their split lunch study hall to complete and upload assignments.   There are various after school clubs that also afford extra time for students to complete homework. 

     If your child is absent for an assignment, they will see the assignment in Power School Unified Classroom Class Pages in the Daily Learning Target and will be able to work on it as needed.  It is important for students to stay current with the topic of study and on course for a good grade.


    To get in touch with me, the best and quickest way to reach me is by email at cbodine@wtps.org, or you may call and leave a voice mail message at (856) 582-5353 ext. 5825.  For more information, see my teacher website on the Orchard Valley Middle School teacher pages. I look forward to working with your child this year.


    Mrs. Bodine