Hello, parents.


    Basic supplies for successful participation in school activities are provided by the Washington Township Board of Education. Additional supplies that enhance the educational program have been eliminated due to budget constraints. Parents have requested guidelines for the purchase of these additional supplies. We hope that by supplying this information you will avoid purchasing things which are not needed.


    NOTE: Please make all attempts to choose folders and notebooks of the colors mentioned below as it will help students stay organized. Please also make sure that each folder and notebook is clearly and neatly labeled with their name. Do not label them with subjects ahead of time as we will tell them the subject that belongs with each colored folder/notebook on the first day of school!

    * Notebooks: x4 – Colors needed: Red, Blue, Green, Orange

    * Folders: x5 – Colors needed: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow

    * 1 Large Soft Pencil case – it must be large enough to hold the following supplies:

    Pencils, and eraser tops if not using mechanical pencils, highlighter, colored pencils, glue stick, kid-size scissors, lined post-it notes, dry erase markers and 1 red pen

    * Ear Buds



    *** We are always in need of the following items if you wish to donate:

    * Hand Sanitizer

    * Lined Paper

    * Tissues

    * Any of the above mentioned supplies


    Children who buy lunch sometimes keep dollar bills lying in or on their desks. Too often, the money gets lost or misplaced. Parents, if possible, please consider buying pants and sweatpants with pockets in them. Pockets provide the safest place for money and lunch tickets.

    Thank you for your kind attention and consideration.



    Bells School Fifth Grade Teachers