Sight Words
  • Sight Words are words that are quickly recognized without being sounded out.  Your child probably already recognizes some sight words such as "Burger King", "Mac Donalds", "Pizza Hut" and "Stop".  Each month Ms. Severino and I will add additional sight words.  We suggest you make learning the words fun by playing games such as memory. You may hide the sight word, and have your child look for it, or have your child trace the sight word (and read it) in different colors.  You might want to hang a word by your child's bedroom door and have him/her read the word every time he goes in or out of the room.  The key to sight words is multiple presentations.  Please review the words daily in the beginning.  As you read books to your child see if he/she can find them on each page.

    September Sight Words: I, can, see, to, like, my, a

    October Sight Words: we, is, am, have, look, at, he, be

    November Sight Words- she, here, you, this, and, are, want

    December Sight Words- me, go, on, day, went, it, was, said

    January- they, will, play, with, get, your, for, has, as

    February- in, one, then, do, yes, no, his, her

    March- friend, because, there, big, little, or, by, of

    April- all, from, come, up, down, love, not